This meeting proved extremely interesting for the excellent display of cut Gladioli, Phloxes, and Hollyhocks brought together. The former were very finely shown, and their superb beauty was much admired. The 36 cut spikes staged by Messrs Kelway & Son, Langport, were magnificent, and consisted of the following sorts: Homer, Noemie, Anna, Canova, Van Dyck, Sultane, Mons. de Brogniart,Orphee, Leonora, Matliilde de Landevoisin, Virgile, Norma, Due de Montebello, Prince Imperial, De Humboldt, Schiller, Newton, Lacepede, Le Gouve, Velleda, Eugene Scribe, Formosa, Rossini, Stella, Meyerbeer, Elizabeth, James Veitch, Agnes Mary, Robert Fortune, Madame Desportes, Freemason, Rosa Bonheur, Le Titien, Moliere, Spectabilis, and Madame Vilmorin. The second prize was withheld; but had not a collection of flowers from Messrs Thomas Bunyard & Sons, of Ashford, arrived too late, it would have been placed second. 3d, Mr Robertson, Helensburgh, Dumbarton. With 18 spikes, Messrs Downie, Laird, & Laing, Edinburgh and London, were placed first with a fine lot consisting of Milton, Alexandra, Crystal Palace, Diomede, Meyerbeer, Shakespeare, Fulton, Lacepede, Le Gouve, Sultan, Norma, Horace, Madame Binder, Orphee, Canova, Le Poussin, Hortense, and Madame Leseble. Messrs W. Draycott & Son, Humberstone Nursery, Leicester, were second.

Messrs Stuart & Mein, Kelso, had a stand containing a few remarkably fine spikes, but they were shut out from the competition by reason of not having been entered. With 12 spikes, in the class for amateur growers, the Rev. H. H. Dombrain, Ash-ford; and Mr Fry, gardener to V. Stuckey, Esq., Langport, were placed equal first, with capital stands; the former had Leonora, Agathee, Roi Leopold, Eleanor Norman, Rosa Bonheur, James Veitch, Madame Furtado, Maurice Dumortier, Madame Dombrain, Homere, Marie Stuart, and Orphee. Mr Fry had Newton, Madame Furtado, Le Gouve, Mathilde de Landevoisin, Norma, Vandyke, Noemie, Madame Vilmorin, Charles Turner, Shakespeare, Agnes Mary, and Cymbal; Mr Douglas, of Loxford Hall Gardens, was second. The best 9 also came from Mr Fry, the next best from Mr Douglas. The best 6 from Mr "Welsh, gardener to J. Marshall, Esq., Taunton - he being the only exhibitor. The best 4, which were very fine, came from Mr Fry; the next best from the Rev. H. H. Dombrain.

Hollyhocks, both in spikes and cut blooms, were good, the season considered. Some of the latter were very fine. The best 24 cut blooms came from Mr William Chater, Saffron Walden, who had Fanny Chater, Conquest, Champion, Walden Queen, Leah, Leviathan, Constance, King, Scarlet Gem, Bullion, Eclipse, Jewel, Alfred Chater, Perfection, Crimson King, Mochanna, Carus Chater Talisman, Lord Napier, Walden Primrose, Midnight, Bijou, Junia, and one unnamed. Mr H. Minchin was second, and Messrs W. Draycott & Son third. The best 12 blooms came from Mr W. Minchin, Hook Norton, who had Invincible improved, Ruby Queen, Hercules, Whitley King, Acme, Sanspareil, Alypius, Queen Victoria, Peri, Midnight, Ada, and one unnamed. The best 6 spikes came from Mr W. Chater, who had Fascination, Conquest, Fred. Chater, Scarlet Gem, Cygnet, and Eclipse, all good; 2d, Messrs Downie, Laird, & Laing, with John M'Donald, Miss Henderson, Queen of Yellows, Lady W. W. Wynne, Alexander Henderson, and Mrs Downie; 3d, Mr H. Minchin. The best cut Phloxes came also from Messrs Downie, Laird, & Laing.

Prizes were also offered for the best dish of Apricots, which was won by Mr W. Tillery of Welbeck Gardens; 2d, Mr Gardener, Lower Eatington. First-class certificates were awarded by the Fruit Committee to Mr J. R. Pearson, Chilwell Nurseries, Nottingham, for two seedling Grapes; also to Mr Dry of Hayes, for a seedling purple Plum, named Duke of Edinburgh. Some further account of these will be found under the head of "Notes and Queries".