The large exhibition held at the Crystal Palace on this day helped to thin this one somewhat, though the prizes being rather small, there was but little inducement to show.

In the class for 12 Dahlias, open to amateurs only, the prize-takers were Mr R. Hopkins, Brentford; Mr J. Burfitt, gardener to C. Lambert, Esq., Wandsworth Common; and Mr T. Adams, Wyke Green, Isleworth, who were first, second, and third respectively. The varieties in the stand put up by Mr Hopkins, who is a thorough veteran exhibitor, were Constance, Annie Neville, Bullion, Princess of Wales, Tops)', Chancellor, Sir Greville Srnytbe, Princess, Chairman, Lady Gladys Herbert, Leah, and British Triumph. Mr C. J. Perry, Castle Bromwich, also sent a good stand, which would have been second at least, but it was not entered early enough to allow of its being staged in competition for the prizes.

The prizes in the open class for 24 were well contested, the first being carried off by Mr J. Walker, Thame, Oxon, who had grand blooms of Chairman, Julia Wyatt, Flag of Truce, John Dunnington, Princess, Autocrat, Nelly Buckle, Toison d'Or, Annie Neville, Gazelle, Mrs Walker, Norfolk Hero, Lady Jane Ellis, Mrs Boston, Lady Gladys Herbert, George White, Queen of Beauties, Mr Dix, Jenny Austin, Rosy Circle, Commander, Ne plus ultra, and Lotty Atkins. Mr Burfitt was also second in this class.

The only exhibitor of Verbenas was Mr C. J. Perry of Birmingham, who staged a splendid stand of 24 varieties. Though the sole exhibitor, these were entered too late for competition. One would have thought that under the circumstances the first prize might have been awarded to Mr Perry without the intervention of this piece of red tape.

Mr W. Bull was the only exhibitor of 6 Liliums, distinct kinds. They consisted of L. auratum, Auratum maculatum, Lancifolium album, L. rubrum, Tig-rinum splendens, and T. Fortunei, and were a very interesting group.