On another page will be found some general remarks relative to this exhibition. Here it will suffice to indicate some of the leading prizes, and the subjects staged in competition for them. As usual, there was the great circular tent, with its central stage, having as its occupants the two collections of twenty foliaged and flowering plants. Mr Baines, gardener to H. L. Nicholls, Esq., Bow-den, was first - some way ahead of his opponent, Mr W. E. Dixon, Norwood Nursery, Beverley. Mr Baines had a grand mass of Sarracenia purpurea, a large and charmingly-flowered Darwinia (Hederonia) tulipifera, a very fine and well-furnished specimen of Erica Fairrieana, about 4 feet through; a large and well-coloured Alocasia metallica; Franciscea confertiflora, a fair specimen, nicely flowered, but pale in colour; a large and finely-bloomed Bougainvillea glabra, admirable examples of Ixora coccinea, and Erica obbata; a good specimen, well coloured, of Croton variegatum, a fairly bloomed Allamanda cathartica, and a magnificent mass of Gleichenia speluncae; Mr W. E. Dixon, Norwood Nursery, Beverley, showed an admirably grown and flowered Kalosanthes Madame Celeste Winans, a good specimen of Erica jubata, a nicely-flowered Clematis Jackmani, a large well-grown and bloomed Oncidium pulvinatum; Aphelexis macrantha purpurea in good condition; and Dasylirion glaucum, a well-furnished specimen; the rest were very moderate.

The only collection staged for the "Florist and Pomologist" prizes came from Messrs Bell & Thorpe, Hallard Hall Nursery, Stretford Road, Manchester, who had Achimenes Carl Walforth, a very fair specimen; Petunia Miss Earle, a pretty rose-coloured variety; Plumbago capensis, and a medium-sized but handsome plant of Lantana mutabilis. In the class for nine stove and greenhouse plants, Heaths included, Messrs E. Cole & Sons of the Withington Nurseries, near Manchester, came first, with a very fine, large, and healthy specimen of Allamanda nobilis, a splendid specimen of Kalosanthes Madame Celeste Winans, a very good Erica Parmentieriana rosea, and a similarly good specimen of Allamanda cathartica, etc. Mr J. Bolton, gardener to W. W. Worswick, Esq., Birstal Hall, Leicester, came second, with, amongst others, a beautifully grown and flowered Clero-deudron fallax, and a small but admirably-bloomed Rhynchospei mum jasminoides, good examples of Vinca oculata and alba, and a fine specimen of Pentas carnea, etc.

Mr W. E. Dixon was third, showing another, good specimen of Oncidium pulvinatum, and an exceedingly fine Kalosanthes, Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, and some good Ericas. Mr B. S. Williams was first in the nurserymen's class for nine fine foliaged plants with a remarkably fine group, consisting of Cordyline indivisa, Croton variegatum and pictum, Cycas revoluta, Pandanus ornatus, Dasylirion acrotrichum, etc, all very fine specimens; Messrs Felton & Sons, Birmingham, were second, with, amongst others, a large specimen of Sanchezia nobilis, not sufficiently variegated, a large and very good Alocasia metallica, Pandanus utilis Feltoni, and some very fair examples of Crotons, etc.; and Mr John Shaw was third with a collection of smaller plants, containing a small but most beautifully furnished Agave filifera, a good Dracaena Cooperi, Pandanus ornatus, and a very handsome Yucca aloifolia, etc. Mr J. Bolton was first in the amateurs' class for nine with a remarkably handsome Seaforthia elegans, and a well-grown and finely-coloured Cissus discolor, Lycopodium caesium arboreum - a beautiful pyramid, about 6 feet in height - and a large and good Croton angusti-folium, etc.

The first prize, offered by the city of Manchester, went to Mr W. Cardwell, gardener to T. Hobson, Esq., Pownhall Hall, Cheshire, who had a very fine group, consisting of admirably grown examples of Erica Fairrieana and E. ampullacea major, Ixora coccinea in fine condition, fine specimens of Croton angustifolium and variegatum, a very good Alocasia Lowii, and Allamanda cathartica, in first-rate order, etc. Mr W. E. Dixon was second with a good bush of Croton angustifolium, Phoenocoma prolifera Barnesii, a very fair specimen; Ixora amboynensis and alba, Vanda suavis, a tall specimen, beautifully furnished with healthy leaves to the top of the pot, and having two nice spikes of bloom; and a finely-flowered Erica Parmeutieriana rosea, etc. Mr John Shaw was third with a very nice collection, in which were several fine Yuccas, a grand bush of Croton variegatum, a good healthy specimen of Allamanda Hendersoni, nicely flowered; a large and handsome Rhopala corcovadense, and Phormium tenax variegatum, in good condition.

Messrs Cole & Sons took the prize offered by H. L. Micholls, Esq., for six miscellaneous plants, the collection to comprise three fine-foliaged and three blooming plants, including two Ixoras. In this collection were Ixora Colei, white, with good large trusses, and coccinea, Erica Paxtoni, a well-grown specimen, about 3 feet through, a mass of bloom; splendid specimens of Croton variegatum and angustifolium, and a beautiful Yucca aloifolia variegata. Mr Baines, the donor's own gardener, also competed with a fine group. In another class for eight the first prize was taken by Mr J. Brierly, gardener to T. Kendal, Esq., Cheadle, with a very good Erica venosa, and a wonderfully fine specimen of Allamanda Hendersoni, an excellent Croton magnificum, and Bougainvillea glabra, etc. - the latter, however, -was only second-rate; Mr W. Card well was second; Mr Brierly was also first for the prize offered by Edward Brooke, Esq., for ten, with fine specimens of Erica Austiniana and Candolleana, a fine specimen of Theophrasta imperialis, and admirable examples of Croton variegatum and Yucca aloifolia variegata, etc.

Mr J. Stevenson, Lark Hill, Timperley, came second, showing in his collection a remarkably fine specimen of Alocasia Jenningsii, a very good Pleroma elegans, and a small plant, though covered with blooms, of Dipladenia crassinoda, and Sanchezia nobilis, a fine specimen and well marked. Mr W, Cardwell took the prize offered by Messrs Cole & Sons for six Cape Heaths with a group of nicely-flowered medium-sized specimens. The first prize in the class for Draccenas or Cordylines was taken by Mr B. S. Williams with six handsome specimens, including Dracsena Veitchii, cannrefolia, lineata, umbraculifera, atrosanguinea, etc. Mr J. Shaw was second, and Messrs G. & W. Yates third, with smaller examples, though in good condition. , Palms were not numerous, and the plants shown small. Ferns were plentiful, though there was a marked absence of Tree Ferns; while of the usual Exotic Ferns the local amateur growers beat the nurserymen hollow; while the lot staged by Mr B. S. "Williams were a long way ahead of those staged in competition with them. Lycopods were represented by the usual kinds.