You will see that your suggestion is being carried out. We have made arrangements that embrace winter-flowering Orchids and other winter-ilowering stove-plants.

Orchis Maculata, Var. Superba

This is a remarkably luxuriant and beautiful variety of the well-known Spotted Orchis. The leaves are very dark green, and the black spots are intense. The flower-spike is about 8 inches long, dense and compact, and the colour is deep purple. The flowers last from the middle of May to the middle of July. It is a first-class hardy border flower.

Wm. Sutherland. Minto Gardens.

Ornithogalum, Or Star Of Bethlehem

Ornithogalum, Or Star Of Bethlehem, may be passed over with the remark that, though very free-flowering plants, they are somewhat common, not to say vulgar looking. They are capable of producing a good effect in glades in woods, and in suchlike positions, but they are apt to give a collection of choice plants a somewhat untidy and ordinary appearance when any considerable number of them are cultivated. They are all white-flowered.

P. A

Any respectable nursery firm can supply you. We never recommend tradesmen.

P. F

Stop your Vines when they get to the top of the house, and let the laterals grow till they cover the roof without becoming crowded. The cause of the leaves on the main stem or growth going off as you describe, is the rapid swelling of the cane or growth, which ruptures the base of the leafstalk at its union with the cane, and it then ceases to get sap enough, and consequently cannot stand the sun. It is not a disease, but purely a mechanical occurrence.

P. M

Certainly, if you can spare time, and provided you do not want to save any seed, it will be better removed from your Rhododendrons.

P. M'D

We will have a paper or two on Azaleas soon that will help to meet your wants. Meantime you cannot do better than you propose.

P. Mcf

We do not know of a society that adopts the rule you state, but we know of no particular objection to it. It will have a tendency to check the too common and disreputable practice of entering and not coming forward.

P. W

You cannot grow more profitable Orchids for supplyiug cut bloom from now till Christmas than the varieties of Calanthe vestita and Lycaste Skinnerii, Cypripedium insignis, and Ccelogyne cristata and Odontoglossums in variety.


Areca lutescens, Chamaerops excelsa, C. Fortunii, C. humilis, C. palmetto; Corypha australis, Seaforthia elegans, Thrinax parviflora, Latania bor-bonica, Phoenix pumila.