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You will find the information you ask for in our present issue, under the head of "New and Select Florist Flowers." For the other matter you must apply to some horticultural engineer. We never recommend tradesmen of any sort. Consult our advertising columns.

S. Owens & Co.'s (Manufacturers Of Hydraulic Machinery Of Every Description) Illustrated Catalogue

Whitefriars Street, Fleet Street, London. This is one of the best got up Catalogues we have ever seen. It gives illustrations of almost every description of hydraulic machinery, and a great amount of useful information regarding it; and all who are interested in such machinery will be benefited by a perusal of this catalogue.

S. P. L

Sow bone-meal in your lawn in spring, by which means the grass will be nourished, and it will gain ascendancy over the moss. You might rake some of the moss out with a sharp-toothed rake, and sprinkle some rich light soil over it as well.

S. R

The fine Clematis Jackmanii at Merton House, noticed in the 'Gardener' for December, had 1300 fully-expanded blooms upon it - not 300, as stated.

S. T

Hellebore powder, applied through a dredger or gauze bag, will destroy the caterpillars without destroying the foliage; or a solution of it may be applied with a syringe or water-pot.

S. T #1

Peaches - Royal George, Violet Hative, Sea Eagle, Walburton Admirable. Nectarines - Humboldt, Pine-Apple, Pitmaston Orange, Victoria.

S. W

We cannot afford time to puzzle over scraps of plants sent in a letter and smashed under the postman's stamp.

S. W #1

Two of the best Ferns for baskets are Adiantum cuneatum and Pteris scaberula, but you are rather late to make baskets of these this season in the way you propose, unless you have a stock of young plants in small pots. Both Ferns named do well in light loam and leaf-mould - about a third of the latter to two-thirds of the former.

S. Y

You are keeping your Pines far too moist. Give more air and less water, and do not shade.

S. Y #1

The undergrowth plant on the stove-shelves is Fittonia argyoneura, and the apron was of Panicum variegatum. There is no soil mixed with the gravel, but a little weak guano-water is applied occasionally; and both plants are planted as cuttings, where they grow, every March.


Your Vine-stems should be at least 6 inches from the pipes.

Saxifraga Pyrenaica Var. Maxima

This beautiful early spring-flowering saxifrage belongs to the oppositifolia section of the genus. It is the largest-flowered species of that section, and one of the most attractive of spring flowers.