Saturday being the cheap and last day, the attendance was enormous. Besides the members and their friends who passed free, there were 850 passed the pay-gates at 6d. each betwixt ten and three. From three to nine there entered no less than 7500, who paid 3d. each. Altogether, there were about 10,000 visitors on Saturday. The sum drawn during the three days amounted to upwards of 200. Notwithstanding the crowd, through the admirable arrangements of the directors and the disposition of the visitors, the greatest order prevailed. The directors, not being sham, nominal, or merely ornamental, but thorough workers, were all present during the entire three days, and conducted the arrangements in person. Notwithstanding their vigilance, and the police present, we were sorry to note that some flower-fanciers had succeeded in filching slips from new plants. One of these was detected, and we hope he will be punished as he deserves. [So do we. - Eds.] Among the miscellaneous subjects exhibited was a collection from Mr B. Kirk of 2000 queen wasps, more famous in death than in life, for they were much inquired after at the show.

He declared on the label, "had all these queens escaped, they would have produced this season a progeny greater in number than the population of Great Britain".