Among the Thymes there are some very pretty plants for our purpose. One of the best, Thymus lanuginosus, forms a close, densly-spreading carpet of hoary purple foliage, clothed with fine hairs, which impart the colour that is so attractive in this variety. T. azoricus takes the form of close, lively-green cushions, which will require compressing in the centres in order to keep them smooth and even when used in the way I suggest. T. citriodorus aureus, the Golden Lemon Thyme, is one of the prettiest plants in summer or winter which has been introduced in recent years.

Such are a few of the many things that might be used with good effect in the flower-garden. If they are handled with taste, there can be no doubt as to the pleasing results which might be obtained, even in summer bedding; while in winter the fresh green and glaucous and other tints of colour which would remain would be a gain obtained at small cost.

W. Sutherland.