This makes a very useful plant for early autumn and winter work, being of such dwarf compact habit, when nice little bushes can be had in 4 and 5 inch pots. It is good for a front line on a conservatory-stage and to mix amongst other dwarf things, where it lasts a long time. It strikes freely from cuttings in spring, treating it the same as spring-struck Geraniums. When all danger from frost is gone, plant it out in good soil, previously well pulverised - 1 foot each way will be far enough apart. They will require little attention, unless very dry weather sets in, when occasional waterings will be beneficial to them. Lift them carefully about the end of September, putting them into 4 and 5 inch pots, standing them in a close frame, where they can be shaded for a few days, when all the light and air possible should be given. By this time there will be a quantity of bloom upon them. If a good rich loam is given them when potted, they will start away and make fresh growths, and continue a long time in bloom.