Dr. C. C. Parry

This indomitable botanical explorer is about to make a collecting tour through Mexico.

Col. M. P. Wilder

It will please our readers to learn that this veteran horticulturist is still in excellent health; at least we judge so from the full account the Boston papers give of his address before the recent annual meeting of the New England Historical and Genealogical Society.

Mr. Briggs, Or Marysville

Almost every one who has followed the development of California fruitgrowing, is familiar with"Brigg's Péach Orchard," at Marysville, one of the pioneers of this branch of horticulture in California, and will learn with regret of his decease, as we note by a recent California paper.

Thomas J. Mackenzie

We regret to announce the death of Mr. Thomas J. Mackenzie, the well-known florist of Philadelphia, who died on the 6th of January, in the 40th year of his age. He was the only son of the late Mr. Peter Mackenzie, who was one of the earliest and most enterprising of Philadelphia florists, to whose successful business the son succeeded. Mr. Mackenzie was elected a member of the of the City Council of Philadelphia last year, and died on the day appointed for taking his seat in that body.

Floral Decorations

A New York publisher very kindly sends the following note:. "Floral Decorations for the Dwelling House," etc., by Annie Hazzard,"American edition revised, London and New York, Macmillan & Co-Retail, $1.75. In reply to Mrs. R., page 12, Gardener's Monthly, Jan., 1878 : Not a bid for a trade, as we don't have it".

Oak Hill Cemetery, Upper Sandusky, Ohio

The Wyandot Times reports this as a highly successful undertaking. It embraces thirty acres of land, and has three miles of avenues. Mr. W. T. Harding, who designed and laid out the grounds, and which he still superintends, receives great praise for much of the success which has attended the work.

Public Parks In England

Notwithstanding the prevalence of beautiful gardens everywhere, the English are still multiplying their public grounds. Leeds has just purchased 300 acres, four miles from the city, as a park for the people.

Standard Eunonymus

It is said that the Eunonymus radicans grafts readily on E. Euro-paeus, and makes very pretty lawn plants when so treated.

Eryngium Leavenworthii

The showiest of annuals, with stem from one to three feet high, and very branching. The heads are of a beautiful purple. Branches cut after the flowers and leaves have matured will last two or three months, making it a valuable addition for Winter bouquets. One of the most valuable plants introduced in many years. - J. M. Thorburn.