At the March meeting of this Society, Mr. Boileau, who has charge of Trinity Cemetery, and is an enthusiastic landscape gardener, addressed the Society on the pruning of fruit trees, having pear and apple trees to illustrate his method. He made an admirable exposition of this subject, and was listened to with marked attention. Hyacinths, Camellias, Azalias, Carnations, Begonias, Orchids and Pelargoniums had premiums awarded to them.

The Kentucky Horticultural Society has determined to compete for the Wilder medal to be awarded at the meeting of the American Pomological Society, to be held at Nashville, Tenn., in September, 1879. This medal is given to such societies only as make a meritorious display of fruits. The Kentucky society expects to place upon the tables not less than one thousand plates of fruit.

W. J. Davidson, Recording Secretary. The Spring exhibit is June 19, 20, 21st. The Fall, Sept. 25, 26, 27th. The premiums are very liberal, the list varied, and competition free to all. The regular meeting, the first Tuesday in the month, are at the Society's rooms, 55 west 33rd Street, New York.

In offering its monthly Premiums, it makes them in duplicate. Nurserymen and Florists are not allowed to compete with"amateurs," by which we understand those who keep gardeners, as well as those who do their own gardening, to which last the term is generally restricted in Europe.