Out door gardening will soon claim so much attention and excite so much interest that the house plants will not receive as much looking after as formerly. It often becomes a question what to do with them during the Summer season. The general plan is to set the pots out in some partially shaded place during the Summer season where they can be regularly watered and looked after. If one is an adept at potting plants, many of them may be turned out of their pots and planted in the open ground. In this case it is best to prune the plants a little and reduce the ball of earth a little, or they will require so much larger pots next September when they are to be repotted, and will have grown much too large for the space they are to occupy. A friend of ours plants out even his camellias, azaleas and similar plants that are usually kept the whole season in pots, and with great success.

Moving out in the open ground is at any rate one of the very best things to do with sickly plants. Prune them in well, set them out and let them take care of themselves, will generally result in a good healthy growth of young wood. Oranges, lemons, oleanders, camellias, azaleas, palms and ferns even may be treated in this way.

Except south of the Potomac, April is however a little early to speak of setting out plants. It is seldom any of this is done in the Northern States before the first of May, and hardly then in many cases.