Broussonetia Kcempferii

Japanese Paper Mulberry. A rapid growing tree, with large oblong leaves of a deep green color and with reddish ribs.

Cerasus Japonica Pendula

The favorite weeping tree of Japan. The trunk rises upward, while the branches fall regularly and in graceful curves to the ground. A great acquisition, and especially beautiful when in flower.

Cornus Brachybotrya

A fine large shrub, or low tree, with large leaves, and habit of growth like that of Cornus florida.

Cydonia Japonica Gravdiflora

Flowers very large, of a beautiful rosy pink color.

Daphne Genkwa

A beautiful, slender, upright growing shrub, with numerous long downy twigs, which in early Spring, before the leaves appear, are thickly garnished with violet-colored tubular flowers, rather more than one inch long. It seldom attains the height of more than three feet, has fine delicate foliage, and may be classed among the best of our flowering; shrubs.

Daphniphyllum Glaucescens

A very fine shrub, with laurel-like leaves, yellowish-green above and glaucous white beneath.

Elceagnus Longipes. Japan Oleaster

One of the finest and most remarkable of hardy shrubs lately introduced. It is of middle size, with spreading branches, and leaves bright green above, and silvery white beneath, studded with brown scales. The small yellow flowers are produced in great profusion on long stalks, and are succeeded by berries of an oblong shape, and deep transparent orange brown color, speckled with brownish scales.

Fraxinus Elonza Japonica. Ash

A distinct and vigorous growing tree, with small leaves. The young branches droop very gracefully.

Magnolia Hypoleuca

One of the most attractive of this large family, on account of the fragrance and lateness of its bloom. Flowers milky white, resembling those of Conspicua, but larger, with a most delicious, banana-like odor, and appearing about the middle of June. Foliage bright and attractive, with the underside of the leaf whitish.

Magnoliastellata [Halleana)

The most elegant of magnolias, very distinct and individual in its character, and blooming very young. It forms a round, symmetrical, middle-sized bush, which is covered in* early Spring before any other magnolia, and before its leaves appear, with exquisite semi-double flowers. These flowers resemble the water-lily in the translucent whiteness of their many narrow petals, and surpass all others in delicate, subtle odor. Leaves oval, medium-sized, of a rich green, appearing late.

Magnolia Thurberi

A very pretty shrub, growing stronger and more upright than the last, with flowers similar, but more of a creamy color, and not appearing until the plant is well matured.