L. B. Case's Botanical Index

This is a cheap quarterly, after the manner of Vick's quaterly of the olden time. The wood cut illustrations are remarkably accurate, and the information about the plants illustrated of the highest character. The number before us is especially devoted to an account of Water Lilies. The price is but twenty-five cents a year; L. B.Case, Richmond, Indiana.

Report Of The Mass. Hort. Society For 1877

From E. W. Buswell, treasurer. This shows a gratifying account of the last year's work. The treasurer points out that while the society has liberally thrown open "competition freely to all," the generous spirit has not met with a corresponding return. The outsiders take the premiums and privileges with avidity, but contribute nothing in return, and the treasurer questions whether it is wise to be quite so open-handed in these cases.

Landreth's Rural Register

The cultivator who wants an almanac to hang up in his work-room or office, might do much worse than send a postal to Landreth & Son, of Philadelphia, and get one for nothing; for besides the days of the month and monthly calender, there is many a hint it will do good to be reminded of.

The Illustrated Annual Of Rural Affairs For 1870

From Luther Tucker & Sons, publishers of the Country Gentleman. This is the twenty-fifth yearly issue; price thirty cents, and well worth all it costs.

Germantown Horticultural Society

A special meeting of this Society will be held on the evening of the 13th February, at 8 o'clock, when the late President Mr. John Jay Smith, will renew the premium heretofore offered for raising mushrooms commercially, and will conclude the evening by reading one of Lever's most amusing stories.

St. Louis Floral And Horticultural Society

It is hard to understand why "Floral" should have to be added to Horticultural Society, as the last involves the first, but we have a handsome schedule before us with a large list of ladies and gentlemen who are members thereof; showing horticulture to be a living thing about this beautiful city.

Indiana Horticultural Society

The Indiana Horticultural Society held its 18th session at Danville, commencing December 17th and held three days. It was by far the most interesting meeting ever held. Representatives and delegates from Ohio, Michigan, Nebraska, and Iowa, were in attendance, besides the home attendance. The next meeting is to be held in Dublin, Ind.

March, 1879. Flower Garden And Pleasure Ground. New Or Rare Peants

New Hardy Trees And Shrubs The collection of Parsons & Sons Co., contain the following, which have either not been noticed at all or very briefly in our pages: