In the list of Orchids (April number, page 107), you do not include by name the above pretty species of Odontoglossum as suitable for parlor culture, though you refer in a general way to the value of most of the group for that purpose. This diminutive plant, whether on a block or in a pot, is a perfect gem, remaining a long while in bloom, and not suffering from that enemy of all house plants, coal gas.

A very small potted plant of the above remained in bloom in a moderately heated room for five weeks from March 1st, and it would be difficult to imagine a more satisfactory specimen for room cultivation. A plant somewhat larger upon a block was in flower in a neighboring greenhouse nine weeks and bore fourteen blooms, though but nine months had elapsed since it was at home in the forests of Mexico, and of course was but very imperfectly established upon its new home.

Small fine specimens of Cattleya citrina received at the same time, are also in bloom, and lovely beyond description with their pendent, lemon-colored flowers, with delightful citron fragrance. Not as permanent as the former for room culture, they last long in the cool greenhouse; a charming specimen continuing in perfection for seven weeks, which is said to be very unusual. This is from actual personal experience, and shows what can be done with many members of this lovely family.