Protecting A Leading Shoot Of Pine

B., Cincinnati, Ohio, writes: "I have a Silver Fir that I value very much, but every year birds alight on the growing shoot and break it off. It is a year or two before it makes anew leader. It is annoying. Is there any way to prevent it?"

[How would it do to tie a light stick - a knitting needle if you like - against the leader, so that it is longer than the shoot? The bird would hardly rest on the needle, and could not on the shoot. - Ed. G. M].

Rhododendrons In Massachusetts

A New Bedford, Mass., correspondent would be obliged by a list of rhododendrons "most desirable for a bed in the latitude of Boston".

Lawson Cypress

B., Cincinnati, O., asks : "Is the Lawson Cypress hardy, and does it grow fast?" It is one of the hardiest in your region, and grows fast. The only objection to it is that in some locations it is likely to get the "disease" which destroys the lower branches in summer time, but then there may be a hundred good trees to one that gets this defect. It is the lot of all evergreens from the Pacific coast to serve us this risk, but the Lawson Cypress is so beautiful it is worth the risk.

The Kentucky Coffee Tree

In our note on the large one in the grounds of Miss Haines, in Germantown, it was said that the writer had never found any perfect seeds in the seed vessels on the few occasions he had been personally on the grounds; but we are informed that on some occasions, indeed generally, it does perfect them.


There are few things more desirable for early greenhouse and window flowering than the cineraria; it may be well to remind the novice that though they are so impatient of frost that the slightest touch will kill them, they do not like heat. About 45° to 50° is the temperature for them.

Japan Primrose

The newest phase of primrose improvement is the new Japan strain. We had a few years ago a Primula Japonica, but these are near relatives of the Chinese Primrose, Primula sinensis. By a colored plate in the Garden, where varieties of numerous shades are illustrated, it is very difficult to see any great difference between them and the Chinese Primrose.

Sweet Violet, The White Czar

This is a new variety of the well-known violet 'The Czar" so largely grown for the market on account of the size of its flowers and the length of their stalks, their fragrance and their abundance. To these advantages the new variety adds the merit of having white flowers, which come into market at a season when white flowers are very scarce.