Reading these valuable papers - for none more valuable have ever been issued by the government - it is to be regretted that the author is no longer in that service. There is a chapter on the insects injurious to the cotton plant. A paper on the production of silk, is very full in all the details. The chapter on the grape Phylloxera is brief. He shows that the insect can propagate for at least four years under ground without the intervention of the impregnated egg. In regard to the destruction of the Codling Moth, Prof. Riley believes that where it is too much trouble to keep the apples from the worm, there is nothing left but to eat wormy apples. A chapter on Elm Beetles, shows that besides the foreign species Gale-ruca Xanthro melaena, the slippery elm is attacked by another one, Monocesta coryli.

Paris green shaken over the trees is effective in destroying them. A borer destroying clover roots is described; it is Hylesinus trifolii. Also a midge destructive to clover seed. Fuller's rose beetle also has respect paid to it. Besides these there are other chapters on insects of less practical importance.