The English Oak In California

The coniferous timber of the Pacific States forms no mean portion of her wealth; and yet the hard woods have to be imported from the Eastern States. Quantities go from Virginia. Suggestions are being made to plant the English Oak extensively in California. In the Eastern States the English Oak grows faster than it does in its own country; faster than any indigenous species.

A Large Tulip Tree

A daily paper tells us that what is supposed to be the largest tree in the Southern States is a Tulip-bearing poplar, near Augusta, Ga., which is 155 feet high and nine feet in diameter, its lowest branches being fifty-five feet from the ground.

Pecan Nut Hickory

The Indiana Farmer says: "Montezuma is the most northern point in Indiana that this tree grows wild. Some trees under culture bore in twenty years from planting the nut; but we suppose they would fruit earlier then this under favorable circumstances".

Duration Of Larch Timber

An editorial note in the Country Gentleman says: "Its durability is greatly controlled by the soil in which it grows. The timber obtained from mountains has been found to last a long time; that which has been raised in the rich valleys of the West has decayed rapidly".

Derivation Of Sequoia

Mr. Lemmon says in the Pacific Rural Press; "The generic name Sequoia was given by Endlicher because this genus is a lone follower (sequi, to follow) of vast colossal forests. By others said to be derived from 'sequoya,' the celebrated Cherokee Indian; but this is no doubt an afterthought and unworthy to be kept up".

Sam'L S. Boardman

We may supplement our note on Mr. Boardman's editorial career by saying what we did not know at the time of writing, that he is now attached to the American Cultivator of Boston, which, already among the leaders in the agricultural press, receives increased strength by this annex.

George Husmann

This well known horticulturist who did so much to successfully introduce grape culture in Missouri, has recentty been elected professor of Agriculture and Horticulture in the Missouri State Agricultural College, and has also been added to the editorial staff of Colman's Rural World.

Entomologist To The Department Of Agriculture

It is now said that Dr. Cyrus Thomas was offered but did not accept the office.

Franz Klaboch, - Nephew of the celebrated Roezl, and one of the most enthusiastic collectors of seeds and living plants, and especially of Orchidaceous plants, died on the 17th of January at Oajaca in Mexico. It was his second visit to Mexico; on his first he discovered the double Poinsetta pulcherrima, among other things now highly estimated in gardens.