A New Varnish Plant

It is said that an iron tool that had been found in Africa neglected after cutting down one of the large Euphor-biaceous plants of that country, was found years afterwards as bright and free from rust as when used. On this hint experiments were made, and the euphorbia gum is found a perfect preservative of iron from corrosion. The species of Euphorbia is not named. So says L'Horticulture Beige.

Peculiarities Of Seasons

There seems to be no accounting for peculiarities of seasons. For years the Belgian honeysuckle, near Philadelphia, has been mildewed and aphid-covered that no one cared for it. This season it has been in perfection, and its large clusters of rich colored sweet-scented flowers has brought it back to popularity. Equally remarkable is the number of shrubs blooming here in October. The Tecoma grandiflora, Viburnum nudum and Cercis japonica are all in full bloom before us as we write.

The "Shittim" Wood Of Scriptures

Much discussion has been had on what is the shittim wood. A new cedar has been discovered in the Isle of Cyprus since its cession to the British, which is believed to be the wood intended. It differs from others of the genus Cedrus in its longer leaves and small size of the cones. It is nearer to the cedar of Lebanon than to the Deodar cedar. It was found by Sir Samuel Baker in the Cyprian Mountains, between the monastery of Kyker and the town of Krysokus.

Gentiana Andrewsh

J. R. S., Rah way, New Jersey, sends specimens which are both Gentiana Andrewsii, and says: " I send by mail two Gentians for name. The dark blue with closed flower I take to be Andrewsii. The skill shown by the humble-bees in entering the closed flower is very interesting. They accomplish it without injury to the delicate petals, and while almost concealed from sight, make the entire circuit of the flower, thus becoming very efficient sowers of pollen."


This is the name the French give to literary works on the vine. Mr. A. S. Fuller is described as un savant ampelographe Americain.

C. M. Hovey

On a recent visit to Boston it was a great pleasure to meet this venerable horticulturist, still in good health, and full of energy. As editor of Hovey's Magazine of Horticulture, Mr. H. was for many years the chief representative of horticulture in America, and did yeoman service in its cause.

The Town Of Greeley

Referring to our recent notice of the remarkable growth of this city of the desert, the Democratic Eye of that city suggests that the name of Henry T. West should pass into history with those of Meeker and Cameron, as the three pioneers.