Agricultural College, Sappora, Japan. Third Annual Report

This institution, in which Americans have been the chief teachers under the Japanese Government, shows by this report to be in an excellent condition. Professor Penhallow has charge of Horticulture and Botany.


Mr. W. T. Harding and Miss Mul-ford kindly inform us, that " Pindar" is the local name for pea nut in the South.

Bouvardia, Bride Of Brooklyn

At a recent meeting of the New York Horticultural Society a certificate of merit was awarded to Mr. Geo. Krick for this Bouvardia. Its merits are that it always remains white, and never has the pink tinge of the Davidsoni or Vreelandii.

Bouvardia Bride Of Brooklyn 22Bouvardia Bride Of Brooklyn 23

Preparing Ground For The Hedge

In the autumn the line of the ground on which the hedge is to stand is dug as a trench, about eighteen inches wide and one foot deep. The earth is laid on the side of the trench and the bottom broken with a pick. In that condition I left it during the winter for the frost to do its work of.


If this is done when the plants are young, they are so succulent that an amateur can readily trim two hundred feet in an hour, and feel no fatigue.

Red Colchican Maple

This tree is remarkable for its beautiful pink second growth of leaves. When the tree gets towards maturity it makes but one growth in a season, and loses the pink peculiarity. But in autumn it is one of the most lovely of yellows. The Norway maple is pretty in its lemon yellow, but this maple is bright golden. Its proper name is Acer laetum.


These are not so particular about the kind of soil as its texture. A. stony soil - one that is porous - is good. They will not do in clay or heavy land.

Schinub Molle

This is what our correspondent refers to: " I enclose this branch of what my son says is called the Pepper tree in California, having the odor of pepper. He speaks of it as the handsomest tree he saw there. I grew it from seed. What is it, a Locust? Please name it. One planted out that spring grew eight or ten feet. I suppose it will not prove hardy here".

Propagating The Maiden Hair Tree

R. T. McN., Jackson, Mich., asks: " What is the best way to propagate Salisburia adiantifolia? Have tried cuttings under glass with no success".

[You will succeed best by layering. Choose shoots about one year old, notching the part buried in the earth to facilitate rooting. - Ed. G. M].