W. A. B., North Cambridge, Mass., writes: "I have raised a new plant; it came up two or three years ago among other seedlings. I did not take much interest in it at first, but since it began to grow 1 find it is a very valuable foliage plant. I set one out in the garden last year, and it made a very fine plant towards fall. It grew about ten inches high and a foot in diameter. I have propagated it this winter. I find that the roots are the same as the Centaurea's. I should like your opinion about it, whether it is a new plant or not. I have consulted some of my friends, and they think it is a new Centaurea. Please let me know, and you will oblige me very much. The enclosed leaves are a large one and a few small ones. I have not any of the medium size or I would send you some".

[The leaves were small, and though somewhat near others that have been under culture in the past, they do not seem exactly like any of them. - TEd. G. M].