The nurseries were established in 1785 by the grandfather of the present proprietors. They comprise 130 acres, of which 60 are devoted to Roses. It has one house, 140 by 25 feet for Rose cut flowers, and this is said to be the largest cut flower rose house in England. Marechal Niel is the great favorite. In the open ground, 66,-000 " Standards" were budded the past season. The ordinary roses are on budded stocks. Of these 500,000 Manettis were budded the past season. The Dog Rose is also in use for stocks. They can make large exhibits; at one recently they had fourteen thousand cut specimens.

Acer Plantanoides Aurea variegatum Bun-TZLERi, is the latest addition to the new list of trees, but mercy, what a name for a striped leaf maple!