W. M. G., asks: " Will you please inform me through the Gardener's Monthly, what I can use as a substitute for glass to cover frames in the spring that will keep out the drying winds and hot sun, and at the same time will admit of sufficient sun and light to keep Geraniums in a healthy growing condition. I did not know but cheap bagging might be dipped in some solution that would preserve it and leave it in a transparent condition. As soon as the weather will admit of a covering at night to keep out the frost without fire-heat, I want to remove a portion of my Geraniums into a frame, in order to spread them, and thus give them a better chance to grow".

[The usual preparation .is as follows: Take white cotton cloth, of a close texture, stretch it and nail it on frames of any size you wish: mix two ounces of lime water, four ounces of linseed oil, one ounce white of eggs separately, two ounces of yelk of eggs: mix the lime and oil with a very gentle heat, beat the eggs separately, and mix with the former. Spread this mixture with a paint brush over the cloth, allowing each coat to dry before applying another, until they become waterproof. - Ed. G. M].