C. A. D., New York, writes: "I notice in your pages some discussion respecting what is called Ligustrum japonicum. What plant is meant by this title? Is it Ligustrum ovalifolium, or something else? If Ligustrum ovalifolium is the plant that your correspondents are discussing, I beg to say that I have had a great deal of experience with it, leaving it uncovered in the coldest winters in the most bleak situations, and always finding it perfectly hardy".

[We have never seen the plants our correspondents are discussing, to know if they are distinct from the old Chinese Privet, Ligustrum lucidum, - of which we suppose L. ovalifolium to be a variety. As with our correspondent the Chinese Privet is quite hardy about Philadelphia, we should be glad to see specimens of kinds under the names in dispute. - Ed. G. M].