The New York Independent says: - "We have noticed, from time to time, in our columns, the public spirit and liberality of some who have, at great expense and labor, provided public parks for the people. A man who builds and furnishes a church, where plain Gospel truths may be spoken, and then gives it to any community, is a noble man in the best sense of the word; but wood and bricks and mortar will soon decay and crumble to the earth. The living voice of the preacher, in such a place of worship, together with the generations of listeners who have profited by his teachings, will soon be hushed in silence. The giver of such a gift, however, has done a great work, and, when completed, and the title-deed executed and presented to a grateful people, he can well afford to die, for he has literally and truly fought a good fight with his selfish heart, and been a coworker with God in his migty efforts to redeem the world. But is he not also a good man who converts ten, fifty or a hundred acres into a perpetual preaching-ground, where God's servants and teachers are not men, but everything beautiful in nature, which the Great Maker and Builder of the world has created and given to us, a free gift, to make us happier, wiser and better in all our earthly pilgrimage, and prepare us to enter the pearly gates, and walk the golden streets, and drink of the water of the River of Life, and eat of the fruit of that tree which shall be for the healing of the millions who go hence to be happy forever? The man who provides such a preaching-ground and such living, truthful preachers, who now and evermore will speak such loving words to the poor and the rich, the heart-sick and the sorrowing, the bereaved and the disappointed, shall have a name which shall live with the unborn millions of earth, and he shall evermore be counted a good and faithful servant of his day and generation".