Mr. B. Landreth writes: "In the report of a meeting of the Academy of Natural Sciences in the Philadelphia North American, I read that Mr. Meehan referred to some seeds of the Salisburia, or Ginko biloba, from a tree growing on the grounds of C. J. Wister, in Germantown, and stated that they were probably the first produced in the United States. The plant has been considered strictly dioecious, but the fact that these seeds were borne by a tree at Germantown, there being no flowering specimens nearer than Woodlands, would indicate that the commonly received opinion is not correct. The subject of the sexes of plants was further considered, and evidence was advanced to support the opinion that distinctions of groups in coniferae, founded upon sexual characters were not of much value.

"I have noticed the above paragraph respecting the seeding of the Salisburia, and take pleasure in informing you that the largest tree at Blooms-dale has produced fruit since 1871 - ten years ; the past season fully a peck. There is no other tree that I know of for miles near it".