Geographical Range Of The Lily

It is remarkable that no species of Lily has been found in Central Asia, so far.

Properties Of The Cola Nut

In Japan and China the fruit of the Ginko is used during the many hours spent at a single fashionable dinner, in order to prevent any desire to leave the table before the long repast is finished. In South America the Coco - Erythroxylon coco - enables the user to endure long fatigue without much desire to rest. Sir Joseph Hooker finds the Cola Nut - Cola acumanata - used in the west of Africa to have a similar effect in arresting fatigue.

Old Trees

It is now beyond doubt that the annual rings of wood, in trees, do not guide us safely in estimating the age of trees, and much of what has been written of the enormous ages of some trees will have to be gone over again. It is by no means certain that any one of the mammoth Sequoias is 4000 years old. The gum tree of Australia, it is well known, now makes two circles a year.

Delayed Communications

It sometimes happens that communications come to hand, having relation to some subject already immediately before the reader, in which case they must have precedence, though there may be other good articles already on file. It seems proper to make this explanation, as we would not have our friends suppose their communications are not appreciated, if they do not happen to appear promptly on receipt. We have never yet had too much of good papers.


It is surprising what improvements can be made in any class of flowers, when it has one's whole individual attention. In Germany there is one Max Deegan, who does nothing else but grow Dahlias. He makes a great reputation, and perhaps makes as much money as if he spent his time over a thousand things.

Sunday School Work

Some Sunday Schools are beginning to train children for the practical work of life, as well as furnish them with moral lessons. The girls in a large Sunday School in Philadelphia are taught how to do plain cooking. In Australia, we note by one of their papers, many Sunday Schools there are teaching the children lessons on the domestic animals, chiefly with the view of enabling the little folks to know how to treat them well in the interest of humanity.

Flowers In Egyptian Tombs

It is said that Dr. Schweinfurth in opening a tomb near Thebes - tomb of "Queen Isimkheb " over 3,000 years old, and in which the remains had been preserved by bitumen, even the forms in a floral wreath were traceable. The flowers were found to be chiefly of white and blue Nelumbium, or Water Lotus. Other species were identified though their names are not given in the account before us.