We have often called our readers' attention to the fact that the hardiness of plants does not depend on temperature alone. An evergreen will endure a much lower temperature in England than it will in America, while a deciduous tree, killed by a few degrees of frost in England will endure zero in America. In our climate one of the most delightful of very hardy shrubs is Callicarpe purpurea. We have known it to endure l80 below zero, and how much more we do not know. In contrast with this we have the following from the London Garden: "In one of the houses in Messrs. Veitch's nursery there is a fine specimen of this old, but uncommon plant, with its long, slender shoots completely wreathed with dense clusters of bright purple berries, a little larger than gun shot. We have hitherto seen this plant grown in a greenhouse, but here it has been grown with great success in a warm and moist house. We have never seen a finer example, and it well shows what a beautiful plant it is when grown well. It will retain its berries throughout the winter, and will be highly ornamental.