One Charles Huber appeared in our office in search of a gardener's situation. His references were James Vick, and other well-known names. Inquiry a few days afterward, at his boarding-house, developed the fact that he had been there but two days, and when he disappeared, there disappeared also one overcoat, a number of shirts, and other articles of wearing apparel and five dollars belonging to a poor woman. He is a German, of about middle age, talks and writes very good English, has evidently a very good knowledge of gardening, and is very quick and taking in his ways. He is middle aged, middle sized, of light complexion, and has a scar in the neck, which he represents as having been from a bayonet wound in the war for the Union, He says he was in a New York regiment, and has a full pension.

Kaupp and Rasener, printers, 337 N. Fourth street, Philadelphia, would be glad to get on the track of him.