What a grand place the South is for ornamental gardening. Among broad-leaved, hardy evergreens there are many which in the North are hot-house plants. Imagine what beauty there must be in a garden which has the following pretty things in the open air all the year round: Ardisia crenulata, Azalea Indica, Berberis Japonica, B. Fortunii, B. trifoli-ata, Budleya Lindleyana, Ceonothus rigidus, Cer-asus Caroliniensis, C. Laurocerasus, Euonymus Japonica, E. Japonica variegata, E. linifolius, Gardenia Florida, G. camelliaeflora, G. Fortunii, G. Japonica, G. radicans, Gordonia Lasianthus, Illicium parviflorum, Jasminum triumphans, Mal-pighia, Mespilus Japonica, Myrtus communis, M. angustifolia, Nerium Oleander, Olea Americana, O. Europea, O. fragrans, Photinia serrulata, Pit-tosporum Tobira, P. variegata, Thea Bohea, Viburnum odoratissimum, V. Tinus. These are common in Southern gardens.