A Williams-port, Pa., correspondent says: "To-day I found on an old vine of Akebia quinata, the peculiar seed which I send you by mail. To me they are entirely new, never having noticed them on my Akebias before. I presume they only seed when quite old.

" The sight of this pod (?) at first was very disagreeable, from its resemblance to the common tomato worm".

[The Akebia is one of those plants which some might say had self-impotent pollen and needed pollen from some other plant to render it fertile. But our idea has been for some years past that it is a question of vegetative vigor, which, as practical men know, is opposed to reproduction. When the vegetative vigor is checked reproduction ensues.

Young and vigorous Akebias will not seed; older and less vigorous, seed freely. - Ed. G. M].