The great number of microscopic growths known as parasitic fungi, many of which kill or seriously impede the growth of vegetable productions, demand earnest study by the gardener and farmer, as well as the scientist, for some of these forms of life are the greatest enemies of both plants and animals. Their small size and the fugitive character of many, are great difficulties in the way of knowing how to combat them.

The discoveries which have been made in this branch of natural history are due to the microscope, and those that will be made must come through a patient use of that instrument.

I have been surprised to find the microscope is so little used by gardeners generally. I have talked with several, lately, who have been in the business for years, who say they have never looked through one, and who do not even own a magnifying glass. Apart from a business or practical point of view, the study of this subject is very interesting and instructive. West Philadelphia, Pa.

[It is even so. as our correspondent says. A horticulturist without even a strong pocket lens always at hand, is not the one to progress very far in a knowledge of plants, and he misses one of the great pleasures which gardening is capable of affording-Ed. G. M].