The extremely warm weather a few weeks ago made it necessary to shade some of the greenhouses. We had a faint recollection of having read a brief note in an old Gardeners' Monthly entitled "Naphtha and Milk for Greenhouse Shade." Not remembering the exact number of Gardeners' Monthly containing the above receipt we decided to act from memory. Let's see! it was - naphtha and milk - to the consistency of milk; accordingly it was used as recommended, but we found the shade too light. Thinking there might be a mistake, we determined to look up the Gardeners' Monthly containing the receipt. We soon found it - page 169, June, 1881; it was headed "Naphtha and Milk, etc," but it did not recommend this at all; it was Naphtha and White Lead mixed to the consistency of milk. We felt a little amused at our mistake and wondered that your attention had not been called to the oversight (?) before.

We find dipping greenhouse labels and the ends of nursery stakes in this solution of white lead and naphtha an expeditious, excellent and cheap mode of painting or applying white lead to labels, etc. A great quantity can be dipped at once. The naphtha renders the white lead penetrating- soon evaporating,leaves the pores filled and stake thinly coated with white lead. New Albany, Ind.