This is one of the new roses of the late Mr. Ellwanger from seed of General Jacqueminot. According to Messrs. Ellwanger & Barry, it is of vigorous growth, with healthy foliage; flowers large, semi-globular, full, well formed; color cherry carmine, much like a light colored Marie Baumann, or a shade deeper than Marie Rady, and very fragrant. In wood, foliage and form of flower, it resembles Alfred Colomb, but the seedling excels that famous variety in vigor, hardiness and freedom of bloom. The past season it continued to bloom profusely long after the Remontants were out of flower. In brief, it may be described as an improved Alfred Colomb, and as good a rose as has been raised by any one. It is undoubtedly the best American rose yet offered, and the finest of its color.

A Purple-leaved Plum, Prunus Pissardi - is among the new attractions in French gardens. It belongs to the Myrobalan group.