The annual meeting was held at Barre, on the 2d of October. The officers elected for the coming year are Mr. Saunders, President; Mr. Buck, of Ottawa, Vice-President, and Mr. Beadle, of St. Catharines, Secretary and Treasurer. Mr. Saunders, as President of last year, delivered the annual address. He dwelt chiefly on the immense impetus the society had given to the encouragement of fruit culture in the Dominion. He said, among other good things: " I can clearly recall the first appearance of home-grown, cultivated strawberries in the market of London, and the confident predictions made by the wise ones that it would never pay to cultivate these larger strawberries where wild ones could be had for the picking; besides, it was urged that the market would soon be overstocked, and what, then, would these enterprising enthusiasts do with their products? At that time a few quarts sufficed to supply the demand which it now takes hundreds of bushels to meet. Experience has conclusively shown that the public taste for fruit keeps pace with the increased production; these desirable products are now almost constant articles of diet, and their healthfulness is universally conceded.

Those who closely study the rates of mortality, tell us that within the past twenty years the average of human life has been materially lengthened, and while this may be largely due to improved sanitary conditions, there is little doubt but that the healthy addition to our diet of a larger proportion of fruit has also been an important element in bringing about this desirable result".