Mr. W. H. Ragan, Secretary, Greencastle, Indiana, says: "Our society owes a debt of over four hundred dollars. As an offset to this indebtedness, we have a a surplus of a few hundred copies of the valuable Transactions of the Society for 1884 (Vol. II.). It has occurred to me that the Agricultural Press, Nurserymen, Commission men and other business men who feel an interest in the prosperity of the Society, might take these volumes in quantities and distribute them to getters-up of clubs, or to customers who purchase given values. In view of these suggestions being adopted by friends of the Society, I am authorized to offer these volumes in quantities of ten or more, already wrapped and labeled for mailing and packed and delivered for shipment by express or freight, at the rate of fifty cents each, which is less than the net cost of publication".

Mr. Ragan also says that the next meeting will be held in New Orleans on January 14th.

It is scarcely necessary to say more than this to arouse the enthusiasm of horticulturists everywhere for it is already understood that this meeting is to be held during the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, and in connection with the greatest display of horticultural products ever made.

No horticulturist can afford to miss this meeting. A programme worthy of the occasion will soon be published. Liberal railroad rates are offered, and already special excursions, both by boat and rail, are being organized.

Premium lists of the Horticultural Department of the Exposition furnished on application.

Massachusetts Horticultural Society will hold its spring exhibition about the 20th of March. Competition is open to all, and schedules may be had of the secretary, Robert Manning, Horticultural Hall, Boston, Mass.