Rose Pests In Nevada

A lady sends us specimens of rose leaves almost white from being preyed on by a kind of thrip which appears to us to be identical with the grape leaf hopper.

A Yellow Verbena

Mr. H. A. Dreer sends a seedling yellow verbena; though not yellow in a serious sense, it is something on the creamy order, and a very distinct and interesting variety.

Pink Rhododendron Maximum

Prof. Shaffer, of Pottsville, sends us flowers of a rosy pink instead of the ordinary purple, which shows that this very hardy and pretty kind of Rhododendron is capable of improvement by selection. We have met with some almost white occasionally. This species of Rhododendron is popularly known as Mountain Laurel.

How To Get Rid Of Moles

Mr. W. Falconer says: "I don't know how, but one thing I do know is, that if you use Hale's or the Isbell mole traps, set them properly and attend to them every day, you won't have as many moles as you used to".

Hydrangea Sports

"D.R.W.," New Brighton, Pa., asks: "Are not sports (double and semi-double) of Hydrangea Thos. Hogg coming pretty thick and fast? We have received propositions from the holders of two double Thos. Hogg to buy their entire stocks. These sports originated more than four hundred miles apart; one in 1881, the other so far as we can learn was discovered this season. Have any other readers of the Monthly noted any tendency in this direction?"

To Utilize A Broken Flower Pot

A broken pot may be cut off so as to make a convenient pot or vessel for sowing seeds in by using an ordinary claw hammer - inserting the edge of the pot and by a twisting motion of the hammer shearing or gnawing it around the pot. It is not likely to break the pot. Louisville, Ky.

[In much the same way that the Indian makes the arrow-head. - Ed. G. M].

Begonia Odorata

"Will you please answer to "B" the specific name of the white flowering Begonia which grows so freely from naturally sown seed on benches and elsewhere in greenhouses. Leaf green, dished, very slightly if at all auricled?"

[Probably Begonia odorata is the kind referred to. B. semperflorens it might be, but that is not so common as the other. - Ed. G. M].

Celery In July

Philadelphians did not know what to make of it when first-class celery from Michigan came into their markets at the end of July. It appeared to be of the self-blanching kind. They found ready sale at 50 cents a bunch.