"Y. C. P." writes: " I wish to ask a question about shade trees below 29th parallel latitude. What would be most suitable for shade trees? Would you recommend the Water Oak, Pecan Nut, Tulip, Sweet Gum, Soft or Silver Maple, or all of these; or any other kind, on rather high, sandy land, such as is suitable for orange-growing? Any information on this point would be thankfully received".

[By shade trees our correspondent means, probably, street trees. Of those he names, the Water Oak, Sweet Gum and Tulip tree, would do very well in Florida; but there are so many more beautiful trees adapted to the South, which will not do at all in the Middle States, that we should prefer them. Among these, say, for instance, the China tree, Melia azederach; Cherry Laurel, Cerasus Ca-roliniensis; or the Tallow tree, Stillingia sebifera. -Ed. G. M].