In the January number of the Gardeners' Monthly I notice an article on the skilful culture of the chrysanthemum by Mr. John Wooding. I was certainly very much surprised to see that Mr. Wooding had made such a blunder. Mr. Wooding claims that the chrysanthemums exhibited by Mr. Bullock's gardener on the 5th and 6th of November, 1883, were planted in the open ground and lifted in the fall and put into 12 and 14 inch pots. Also that the plants were from two to three years old. Having visited Mr. Bullock's place at Con-shohocken some five or six times during the year 1883, I think I can give Mr. Wooding some information concerning the plants. In March, 1883, I visited Mr. Bullock's place and saw the cuttings of these same plants in the cutting-bed, and saw them as they advanced from time to time during the summer and fall. The plants after being taken out of the cutting-bed were potted into 2 1/2-inch pots and re-potted as they required it up to 12 and 14 inch pots, and grown all through the summer in pots.

The plants would only be one year old this coming March, 1884. Another point worth considering is, that these plants were grown merely for cut flowers and not for exhibition, and I have no doubt, had Mr. Bullock's gardener disbudded his plants, he could have shown excellent flowers.