From Oliver Gibbs, Jr., Lake City, Minn., we have pleasure in acknowledging the receipt of this, the tenth annual report, we believe. It shows a more than usually intelligent interest in horticulture in that part of the world, and we should not be surprised, in spite of the winter severity of the climate, to find Minnesota soon among the leading patrons of horticulture in our country.

Proceedings of the Ohio Horticultural Society for 1883-'84, from Mr. G. W. Campbell, Secretary, Delaware, O. The 17th annual report. It has for a frontispiece a portrait of the late Dr. Warder. Ohio was among the leaders in the great advance fruit culture has made of late years. It is pleasant to note by the great number of names that occur in this very full volume, that the old life and energy are still as strong as ever, though many of the old leaders have resigned their tasks to other hands.