For private use in this section, and in fact in most all sections and on all soils, the above strawberries are excellent. They grow under adverse circumstances, and generally produce a good, fair crop of fruit. The fruit is large, showy - of the Cumberland, very seldom any small ones - color bright light scarlet, and, when grown in hills, the berries are firm, and can be shipped long distances; but, grown in matted rows, they are apt to be soft, and not so suitable for shipping, but all right for home use.

The Manchester being a pistillate variety, it requires some staminate kind grown alongside of it - the Cumberland answers well. Fruit large, smooth, well-shaped, bright scarlet, and of excellent quality.

Both varieties being strong, vigorous growers, give plenty of room, and grow in hills - they both do much better than in matted rows; they also can be kept more easily clean.

Intend planting both kinds largely for market, although there are kinds more productive for the market gardener, still they command ready sale, and are sure croppers. Youngstown, Ohio.