I send you by this mail, a small bit of wood, Salix cordata, var. vestita, showing its durable characteristic. In spring, 1867, I put out a line of Osage hedge. I cut some green willow poles, of small size, and laid along the line next the plants, on the ground, as a slight protection for the time being, of the young plants. One of the poles happened to be the S. cor. v. ves. Last week, my son, cleaning out along the hedge found this pole, where it had laid, in the grass and weeds under the hedge for seventeen years. You will see how well it is preserved, and how perfectly sound the red wood is still. The white or sap wood is rotted off. Brownville, Neb., Dec. 29th, 1883.

[Sound and solid and certainly strong evidence in favor of Governor Furnas' view that this variety of willow is of great value as a timber tree. - Ed. G. M].