California must indeed be a land of flowers, judging by the festival that, extending over two weeks, has excited the famous old town of Los Angeles. Hundreds of contributors of cut flowers, poured them in from all parts of the country. Designs, as they are called, of cut flowers, furnished fresh novelties every day. The "unveiling of a floral ship " was the great work of the first day.

The sum of $969.60, taken in that day, shows how popular the floral ship must have been, though the prayer of Reverend Joseph Pendleton, or the address of his Honor the Mayor, may have divided the attractions of the day with the ship.

On the second day, a great attraction was the American flag - the red being of Zonale Pelargoniums, the white of Pyrethrum, and the blue of Heliotrope. A grand cross which had been used the day before in Episcopal services, was exhibited. The golden colors, made of yellow Marigolds. A huge shield made of Marigolds, Roses, Geraniums and Stock Gillies, was sent by Mrs. Crocker as a contribution from the Citrus Valley. A huge fan, the rays fifteen feet long, was a "design" highly applauded. A huge snow-shoe, made of White Pyrethrum and Geraniums, divided the applause with it, bringing cooling memories into a warm day. The floral ship was 13 feet long, and bore a cargo of oranges. The grand design, however, was the famous shoe of Mother Goose, in which her huge family of children were all represented - as large as life. Geraniums made the shoe, except Marigolds were at the heel, and a binding of Smilax fringed the orifice. Cut flowers were sold, ice cream, lemonade and everything useful in such a gathering, everything having a booth to itself, and the materials sold with the attendants being almost smothered in flowers.

These attendants - young ladies - are described as being truly lovely, though when a reporter suggested this to one of the young ladies, she replied to him" now don't be soft." She was after his cash just then instead of his compliments. It was an example of misplaced confidence at that time.

Roses seem to be the favorite flower as well as elsewhere. A branch of the Washington Noisette, had 13 flowers full blown and 57 unexpanded buds. Mrs. Heaver exhibited 100 named varieties in cut flowers. Mrs. Fox sent a flower of Paul Neyron that measured 18 inches round. The "shoe design" was 6 feet long and 3 feet high. The public school children sent a huge painter's easel, with geometrical ferns arranged in flowers. The triangle was made of Lilies.

The Public School Booth however gave diversions for the designs, in literary exercises in the form of criticisms on poetry. The illustrations were however given in floral designs. Some connected with the Merchant of Venice were quite taking. The door money taken in during the first four days was $3053.80.

The proceeds all go to charitable purposes.