In these days when a plant is popular not only for its beauty, but as it may serve the interests of the cut flower grower, the Asiatic Rhododendron we now present to our readers will be heartily welcomed. The plant has been introduced by the celebrated firm of Veitch, of Chelsea, London, who furnish the following account of it. They have also raised a yellow one, to which reference is made in the communication:

A Double Greenhouse Rhododendron 49

"These mark a new departure in the history of the javanico-jasminiflorum group, and are of especial interest, both in their horticultural and in their scientific aspect. They were, with three other varieties that have been publicly exhibited, obtained by our foreman, Mr. Heal, who fertilized a flower of one of the older seedlings that showed a tendency to become double, with its own pollen, and amongst the progeny raised from the single pod of seed produced from that flower, were the five remarkable varieties with double flowers we have mentioned, two of which we now have the pleasure of offering.

" The variety, album, as its name implies, has white flowers, which are produced in large compact trusses. The individual flowers are the largest of the four forms, and so distinct are they from every other Rhododendron, that they have been compared not only with the Balsam, a comparison that suggested the name for the group, but also with a Tuberose, a Gardenia, a Rose, and even with a Clematis.

" The variety, aureum, has bright yellow flowers. In both varieties the flowers are very persistent, lasting in perfection as long again as the single-flowered varieties. These Rhododendrons will thence prove to be among the most useful of decorative subjects for the warm conservatory; their flowers will also be most valuable for bouquets, button-holes, etc.

"Both forms received the award of a Certificate of Merit from the Royal Botanic Society, July 5th, and a First Class Certificate from the Royal Horticultural Society, July nth, 1882".