One of the best private herbariums in America is owned by Mr. P. V. LeRoy of Peekskill, West Chester Co., N. Y. It has about 25,000 to 30,000 species, though this includes many of the lower orders of vegetation, such as mosses and lichens. There are about 9,000 species of North American plants - the others are from Brazil, Chili, East Indies, China, Japan, Russia and other parts of Europe. These have all been correctly named by competent authorities. Medicinal plants have a prominent place in the collection. Mr. LeRoy may possibly move from Peekskill, and friends are wondering what he will do with these botanical treasures.

The annual report of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia shows that it now has 27,267 named species of flowering plants and ferns, besides the collection of the lower cryptogams, in its Herbarium. The officers elected in charge of its botanical department for the ensuing year are Dr. W. H. S. Ruschenberger, director; Thomas Meehan, vice-director; Dr. Charles Schaffer, recorder; Isaac C. Martindale, corresponding secretary and treasurer; and John H. Redfield, conservator, on whom the care of the magnificent collection of dried plants chiefly falls.