I note what you say in April number about two new English roses. I saw these on the grounds of the originators, Wm. Paul & Son, Waltham Cross, near London, last August, and am confident they are varieties of character and value.

Grand Mogul is undoubtedly the darkest good rose ever produced, - of the darkest velvety texture, nearly black, of large size, good form, and the plant grows vigorously.

Silver Queen somewhat resembles La France, but is lighter in color and a stronger grower.

I believe these roses have not yet been offered for sale. I have rarely, if ever, more thoroughly enjoyed a few hours' run through a collection of ornamental nursery stock, so much as I did through Wm. Paul & Son's grounds, with Wm. Paul as companion. I have not seen elsewhere as fine collection of rare and beautiful ornamentals, or in better condition, than here, or a more thoroughly companionable man to show them than the venerable head of this old establishment.

Dunreith, Ind., April 4, 1887.