In the gardens of G. F. Lyndon, Esq., The Henburys, Mosely, Birmingham, there is a very fine double white Camellia, 17 ft. high and 17 ft. through, in the best of health, and a well-furnished symmetrical specimen, from which 4,000 flowers were taken this year. The tree is in a greenhouse devoted almost entirely to it, and is growing in a large square box, 7 ft. square and 3 ft. deep, and stands on a revolving axis of iron-work, so that the plant can be turned round at pleasure. Mr. Bluck, the gardener, states that he keeps the tree liberally syringed and well supplied with water, using liquid manure also. For some years this Camellia has borne a local reputation for its size and the great number of flowers annually produced. It would be interesting to know if there are many other Camellias under glass, and growing in England, which will compare with this plant in size and form. Some of your readers may be able to give some information. - D. in Gardening World.