We never knew the rose bug, macrorhyncus sub-vestititus, to be of any serious account to the peach grower, but it seems it gives trouble sometimes. Every Evening of Wilmington, Del., prints thirty-four letters from correspondents, chiefly peach growers throughout the peninsular peach region. The indications in the main are for a general yield ranging from fair to good. A summary of the reports received shows thirteen good, fifteen fair and only six poor. The poor reports come entirely from the edges of the peach belt, the reports from the heart thereof being uniformly encouraging, notwithstanding some depredations by rose bugs, the extent of which cannot yet be determined. This pest was first heard of near Greensborough, and spreading thence to the east and northeast and more slowly westward. Wyoming reports " rose bugs with us, eating up all kinds of fruit, but do not think they will endanger the peach crop".

Magnolia reports " rose bugs now biting a good many peaches and other fruits".