Kelway & Son, Florists, of England, have started wholly anew to raise a class of gladiolus from the original species. He has followed the selection rather than the hybrid system. His breed is characterized by having very close, dense heads and perfectly onesided spikes. The Gardeners" Magazine says:

" In this respect the Langport varieties are far in advance of those raised on the Continent, and in the form and substance of the flowers they are certainly not surpassed. The flowers, more especially of the later introductions, are of exceptionally large size, the segments are of great breadth, and well rounded, and they possess the important quality of being so well expanded that the coloring of the face is seen to the best possible advantage. Messrs. Kelway, whilst continuing to improve the form of the flower and the build of the spike, have been successful in obtaining several exquisitely beautiful shades of color which are practically new in the gladioli".