A Troublesome Insect Pest To The Pear

The English pear-growers report that the maggot of a small fly, Cecidomyia nigra, is proving troublesome. They lurk in the core and throw out tunnels to the surface.

The Apple Crop In The East

It is said that the apple growers in the East have had one of the best seasons they have had for a long time. Maine alone has shipped to Europe about 135,000 barrels. Every steamer up to the end of April took some away. The Russets are the latest shipments. The growers received from $1.25 in October, to $2 in January, per barrel. By the first of May they brought $4 in the Liverpool market.

The Lincoln Blackberry

It is claimed for this that it is a very early variety, and " of the finest quality of fruit ever obtained in a blackberry." It is a wild plant, found about two miles from President Lincoln's monument near Springfield, Illinois.

A Large European Grape-Vine

The Society of Arts Journal claims that the largest vine in the world is one growing at Oys (Portugal), which has been in bearing since 1802. Its maximum yield was in 1864, in which year it produced a sufficient quantity of grapes to make 750 litres (165 gals.) of wine; in 1874, 665 litres (146 1/3 gals.); and in 1884, only 360 litres (79 1/4 gals.). It covers an area of 494 square metres (5315 square feet), and the stem at the base measures 2 metres in circumference.

Reforestation Of The French Mountains

The French Government, on the recommendation of the Minister of Agriculture, has been recently inquiring into the feasibility of reforesting the denuded French mountains, but it is said they could reach no more practical solution of the question than we can in our country.

How Forests Follow Rainfall

A contemporary says: "It is significantly said of the great Texas drought, which extends across that State for several hundred miles, that it decreases in severity as it approaches the pineries. That is a point for 'Arbor Day.' " Which is, that people should not plant trees for profit where dry climates exist. The pineries only establish themselves where there is a fair annual rainfall with some certainty.

Pinus Ponderosa

A correspondent reports that there are very large forests of this pine near Flagstaff, Arizona.

The Spring Of 1887

The Spring in Philadelphia, is probably one of the latest on record, and is phenomenal. The first Dandelion blossoms did not open till the 28th of April. The first of May we usually have an abundance of lilacs in bloom, though some years they miss. This spring the leaves were not fully developed before May 12th. It is fully two weeks behind an average season, and a month later than it is sometimes.