Directories for nurserymen, seedmen and florists, are getting to be numerous; all are useful, and this one specially so. It pays special attention to those engaged in the business as florists. We gather from it that Chicago has 102 persons engaged in raising or selling flowers. Of these 30 have stores in which they sell them, the others we suppose, sell direct from their greenhouses. Only six are classed as " growers," by which is possibly intended those who grow flowers on a large scale in order to chiefly wholesale them. Boston has 107 florists, 24 florists' stores, and 12 who are regarded as growers; New York, 176 florists, 111 stores, and not one grower; Philadelphia, 185 florists, 12 stores, and 11 growers; Baltimore has 48 florists, 8 stores, and no growers; Washington, D. C, 29 florists, no stores, and 5 growers; Cincinnati, 49 florists, 4 stores, 1 grower; Cleveland, 39 florists, 1 store, and no growers; Louisville, 29 florists, 3 stores, 7 growers; New Orleans, 48 florists, no flower stores, and no growers; San Francisco, 45 florists, 2 stores. 2 growers .

The Effects of the Severe Frosts on Vegetation During the Winters of 1879-80 and 1880-81. By Rev. George Henslow. - Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, Vol. VIII., is wholly devoted to this subject. It comprises 338 pages; all reports from correspondents of the meteorological conditions all over Great Britain, with the full lists of the plants injured in the different localities. No attempt is made to deduce any general law from the immense array of facts gathered together here, and few, if any, will have time to work it out for themselves. In our country we have ceased to look on the thermometer as any guide whatever in deciding the hardiness of trees, or plants. In a low temperature with a dark cloudy moist time, a tree may have perfect immunity that would be " killed dead " by the same temperature in alow atmosphere and cloudless sky.